This incredible stop-motion video is not new but I still want to share it on my blog. Touching story between a sandman and snow-woman who find a way to communicate and eventually get together, despite an ocean separating them. Share on Facebook

Wizz Experiment

Pretty impressive video created by 5 students as part of internship at WIZZ design. Trashy Euro rap, fat bellies, stop-motion style graphics… Enjoy! Share on Facebook

Slideshow Supreme

You think sideshows were boring? Think again. All you need is a bit of creativity. As part of promoting it’s growing set of tools, Google published this clip that shows what you can do with Google Docs, and a bit of patience… Share on Facebook

H&M Amsterdam: Flagship Store Projection Mapping

And the trend continues. But projection mapping is getting more and more impressive. The latest attempt comes from H&M at the opening of the Amsterdam flagship store last month. Fun, festive. Share on Facebook


This experimental video by Johannes Timpernagel is an abstract sequence of computer generated graphics with an 80′s influence. The pace is fast and the clip contains a multitude of complex compositions that you can barely appreciate while viewing. I suggest you explore frame by frame! Music by Skyence et Audionerve. Share on Facebook


Candas Sisman created this video (image and sound) for the Plato Art Space’s “Ilhan Koman Hulda” Festival in Istanbul. This piece is a beautiful kinetic art inspired 3D animation, a continuous morph of organic and architectural shapes. Share on Facebook

Atlas Air

The new Massive Attack video directed by Edouard Salier is a journey into a world where darkness and violence have taken over society. Follow this supernatural rabbit running though it all until collapse. An interesting stylistic exercise where 3D animation, polygon characters, and footage combine. Share on Facebook


The Flash On The Beach conference trailer or opening credits was created by Nando Costa. It is a beautiful organic sequence, playing with metallic substances and magnetism to evoke concepts of attraction and repulsion, a metaphor for all these designers coming together during this event yet competing against one another in the real world. Share [...]

Unhappy Slap

CyberMentors is an organization that brings young people together so they can help and support one another. As part of the campaign Unhappy Slap to get rid of bullying, CyberMentors created this app where you can become the victim in a video, using face mapping technology. The result is not great, but the intention is. [...]

Towards and Beyond

A few months ago I had brought your attention to Rafaël Rozendaal’s infinite gradient maker “Into Time“. His most recent experiment called “Towards and Beyond” is a maze, also hypnotic and psychedelic. Rafaël’s passion to make websites as art pieces is unique. His digital initiatives are actually sold with the right and domain names. Get [...]

Waiting for the End

Linkin Park’s new music video for the song “Waiting for the End” is simply incredible. Directed by one of the group members, Joe Hahn, it is digitally inspired, merging the human spectre with sound waves into some parallel universe. Great song too. Share on Facebook

Building Mapping

We are seeing more and more incredible projection art these days, whether it is performed on building on during show in venues (a good example is Lepage’s contribution to Cirque du Soleil’ latest show). I just came across so impressive projection by Evan Grant for the IAC. It was projected on their actual headquarter building [...]

Lernert & Sander

Dutch artists Lernert and Sander decided that working alone was boring and started collaborating on commercials, leaders, art movies, documentaries and installations. The results are simple and communicative works merging contemporary art with a commercial undertone. They love to challenge the viewers with highly aesthetic and humorous pieces. Below is the Chocolate Bunny short film [...]

Let Go

This music video directed by David Wilson for The Japanese Popstars’ new track ‘Let Go’ is hyptnotic and slightly disturbing. Creepy characters and psychedelic backgrounds continuously morph into one another until the end of the clip. Great illustrations from the director himself, Keaton Henson, and Andres Guzman. Making-of video follows the clip below. Share on [...]

Bristish Fashion Awards – Animations

ManvsMachine, a UK-based studio, created animations to help present the nominations at the British Fashion Awards ceremony. The results are slick 3D sequences where couture related objects sort of dance and for kaleidoscopic compositions reminiscent of classical architecture or sculpture. Share on Facebook


Seaquence is a musical ecosystem app created by Ryan Alexander, Gabriel Dunne, and Daniel Massey. It is a biological metaphor allowing you to create and combine musical lifeforms into organic compositions. View the demo below or try the beta version yourself. Share on Facebook


Daniel Maloni, a young and talented motion designer, created one unique animation/video for each letter of the alphabet, using music from various artists. The Swedish raised artist currently in Hong Kong certainly has been influence by Asian culture in some of the executions. Check out his website or channel on Vimeo. Below are a couple [...]


This short animation called “Zeroing” by Andrey Nepomnyaschev combines both 2D graphical elements and 3D effects into a fluid visual exercise inspired from infographic charts and black stars. Watch below: Share on Facebook


This stop-motion piece created by Kirsten Lepore is a cute story between a sandman and a snowman who communicate by sending a bottle in a body of water. The ending is perfect. Share on Facebook


Inspiration is everywhere and these are my discoveries. This blog is a collection of initiatives I find throughout the web, from clever marketing campaigns to incredible artistic expressions.

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