Adam Neate

The British artist’s latest exhibition (Flock Series) is a unique blend of painting, collage and sculpture, sort of 3D illustration. I get an 80′s vibe from some of them, probably because of some of the neon tube shapes, mesh, and fluorescent colors. Share on Facebook

La Evolución Silenciosa

Jason de Caires Taylor is unique artist known for his underwater art installations that slowly age and get taken over by submarine life. One of his recent projects is 400 life-size figures grouped together in Cancun, Mexico. Check out his website to explore all his projects. Watch the “making-of” video below. Share on Facebook


Scottish artist Lola Dupre has a unique way of taking photos and creating something completely absurd and Dali-esque out of them. She patiently cuts out multiple prints of the same image and reassemble all the pieces into a new viewing experience. Check out her incredible portfolio. For some of the pieces, she shows the before [...]

Sand Art

Joe Mangrum is an artist known for his colorful sand work. This form of street art is not only impressive on a technical aspect but also by the fact that it is so ephemeral. Check out his site fore more of these psychedelic bursts of color and other art forms he plays with. Share on [...]

Kate D. MacDowell

Ceramic artist Kate D. MacDowell has created a collection of animal oddities mutated with human parts. The pieces are incredibly well crafted, many emotionally charged. Check out her portfolio. I want one… Share on Facebook


Ashkan Honarvar‘s latest Faces series won’t leave you indifferent. The style is a bit of a departure from the other ones who were for the most black and white with collage or drawing. Faces 5 is inspired by mutilation, making the wounds somewhat approachable with the use of candies and frosting. Very effective. Share on [...]

Towards and Beyond

A few months ago I had brought your attention to Rafaël Rozendaal’s infinite gradient maker “Into Time“. His most recent experiment called “Towards and Beyond” is a maze, also hypnotic and psychedelic. Rafaël’s passion to make websites as art pieces is unique. His digital initiatives are actually sold with the right and domain names. Get [...]

Supakitch and Koralie

Watch French artists Supakitch and Koralie in action at the Museum of World Culture in Göteborg, Sweden, as they bring to life this incredible mural. Their collaborative work, a mix of paint and collage inspired by Japanese culture, is shown everywhere around the globe. Visit Metroplastique to buy some great tees, toys, and prints. Share [...]

Tape Art

As some of you know, I’m a big fan of street art. And surprisingly, I just discovered a new form of it: tape art. It was brought to my attention by Urban Artcore. Tape art is not about using tape to define a surface to be painted. The visual piece itself is made of colored [...]

Kobi Levi – Shoes With Kick

Freelance designer from Israel Kobi Levi has a twisted imagination and having fun with it. He designs shoes that will surely make you stand out in the crowd. Whether it is a blow-up doll, a dog, or banana, nothing seems impossible to transform into footwear. Check out his blog/portfolio for more fun executions. Share on [...]

More Birthdays – Gallery

As part a campaign to raise awareness on cancer and elevate hope for more years of living to those affected, the American Cancer Society launched an online gallery of prints produced buy various artists. Buy them and money is used to fight back cancer. Also explore the music gallery where known musicians help you send [...]

Monet Exhibit – Paris

The Grand Palais in Paris just opened a new exhibit dedicated to the French impressionist master (September 22, 2010 – January 24, 2011). The website promoting the event is simply beautiful. An elegant and interactive module (Voyage section) allows you to immerse yourself into some of the artist’s best work.  Click, drag, blow in the [...]

Organized Complexity (iPad app)

Luis Carli is fascinated by generative art. From the installation he developed for an event he is now awaiting Apple’s approval for the iPad version of this beautiful, sensorial and organic visual experience. ” Interact with hundreds of units that change their color depending on the behavior of the particles close to them. Interfere and [...]

Kristofer Porter

Born in California now living in Brooklyn, Kris has a unique and somewhat dark illustration style. A lot details and absurd situations, making his pieces complex and intriguing. View his portfolio. Share on Facebook

3D Abstraction

Tim Borgmann is a digital artist from Germany who builds these incredible organic  compositions. It is the result of human imagination and software power. Creativity and complex mathematical calculations can result in beautiful things. Share on Facebook

Draw and Fold Over

The Big draw event (in October) is a worldwide initiative that uses drawing to connect visitors with museum and gallery collections, urban and rural spaces  in new and enjoyable ways. as As part of a campaign to promote the event, this site called Draw and Fold Over, allows you to play a sort of Picture [...]

Life in a Day

Part voyeurism, part anthropology, this initiative launched last July by YouTube and executive producer Ridley Scott, asked people like you and I to submit a short film about a moment in their lives. 80,000 videos were uploaded. You can now browse and view them using this 3D sphere. Share on Facebook

Exquisite Clock

Another great project from Fabrica. This clock uses photos of numbers found all around us, supporting the notion that time is everywhere. All the images come from people who see digits in just about anything. The clock then use these images to display time. Try the different themes like clothing or vegetable. Or mix it [...]


Icelandic designer Thorleifur Gunnar Gíslason created these beautiful mandalas. As part of an academic experimental project on radius distribution and inspired by the traditional Tibetan art, he achieved beautiful explosions of geometrical shapes. Share on Facebook


Inspiration is everywhere and these are my discoveries. This blog is a collection of initiatives I find throughout the web, from clever marketing campaigns to incredible artistic expressions.

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