Adam Neate

The British artist’s latest exhibition (Flock Series) is a unique blend of painting, collage and sculpture, sort of 3D illustration. I get an 80′s vibe from some of them, probably because of some of the neon tube shapes, mesh, and fluorescent colors. Share on Facebook


Scottish artist Lola Dupre has a unique way of taking photos and creating something completely absurd and Dali-esque out of them. She patiently cuts out multiple prints of the same image and reassemble all the pieces into a new viewing experience. Check out her incredible portfolio. For some of the pieces, she shows the before [...]

How to Have an Idea

Frank Chimero Jam sketched on a piece of paper what he thinks is the best way to find ideas. He compares computers to people (logical vs. alogical) and most of all tells you to stop being a weenie and get just make something. Funny little comics strip. Share on Facebook


Brazilian designer and illustrator Zansky has an impressive portfolio. I love the textures, the lines, and the imagination behind some of the unique characters (see above). He has been freelancing for magazines, newspaper and book editors. He is also part of a art collective called BASE-V which creates murals, installations, silkscreen prints, and some publishing [...]


Graphic artist Johnny Selman is on a mission. He decided to create one poster a day based on BBC news headlines (for the most political). His goal: promote the awareness of global current events with the American public through a more visually interesting vehicle for the news. Some of the pieces would certainly look great [...]

Supakitch and Koralie

Watch French artists Supakitch and Koralie in action at the Museum of World Culture in Göteborg, Sweden, as they bring to life this incredible mural. Their collaborative work, a mix of paint and collage inspired by Japanese culture, is shown everywhere around the globe. Visit Metroplastique to buy some great tees, toys, and prints. Share [...]

Let Go

This music video directed by David Wilson for The Japanese Popstars’ new track ‘Let Go’ is hyptnotic and slightly disturbing. Creepy characters and psychedelic backgrounds continuously morph into one another until the end of the clip. Great illustrations from the director himself, Keaton Henson, and Andres Guzman. Making-of video follows the clip below. Share on [...]


This small design studio based in Bogota, Colombia, was created in 2005 by Cristian Vargas, a talented graphic designer and illustrator. The portfolio is simply incredible. Many of the illustration and graphic pieces vary in style, which demonstrate the artist’s ability to invent new characters, moods, and compositions for every project. A promising career… Share [...]

More Birthdays – Gallery

As part a campaign to raise awareness on cancer and elevate hope for more years of living to those affected, the American Cancer Society launched an online gallery of prints produced buy various artists. Buy them and money is used to fight back cancer. Also explore the music gallery where known musicians help you send [...]


Driven by its mission to ‘make products smile’, UK studio ustwo is a cross platform digital user interface design studio that develops beautiful, user-friendly interfaces and apps for various clients (including Sony and Intel). Their latest work, Granimator™, is a wallpaper creator app for the iPad that offers users an immersive touch and sound experience. [...]

How Innovation Happens

As part of a campaign to promote Steve Johnson’s new book “Where Good Ideas Come From“, the video below gives you in 4 minutes the principles of innovation. The whiteboard drawing would make a great poster in the office! The book is available as pre-order on Amazon (release date: October 5, 2010) Share on Facebook


Display, an initiative by Kind Compmany, is a curated collection of modern, mid 20th century graphic design books, periodicals, advertisements and ephemera. Their goal is to raise awareness on this prolific design period as a great source of education and inspiration for designers, specialists, or scholars. Share on Facebook

Once Upon a Time

Beautiful promo video for a beautiful pop-up book by talented (a good looking)  illustrator Benjamin Lacombe of Paris. To be published this November. Also check out his website to discover more of his work. Share on Facebook

Kristofer Porter

Born in California now living in Brooklyn, Kris has a unique and somewhat dark illustration style. A lot details and absurd situations, making his pieces complex and intriguing. View his portfolio. Share on Facebook

Telegramme Studio

Christopher & Robert are two passionate (and obsessed) designers  who got together through their mutual love of music. Their collaboration turned into a successful studio over the years. Explore their incredible posters and illustrations, retro inspired and slightly wicked. Share on Facebook

Draw and Fold Over

The Big draw event (in October) is a worldwide initiative that uses drawing to connect visitors with museum and gallery collections, urban and rural spaces  in new and enjoyable ways. as As part of a campaign to promote the event, this site called Draw and Fold Over, allows you to play a sort of Picture [...]


Icelandic designer Thorleifur Gunnar Gíslason created these beautiful mandalas. As part of an academic experimental project on radius distribution and inspired by the traditional Tibetan art, he achieved beautiful explosions of geometrical shapes. Share on Facebook


Inspiration is everywhere and these are my discoveries. This blog is a collection of initiatives I find throughout the web, from clever marketing campaigns to incredible artistic expressions.

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