How to Have an Idea

Frank Chimero Jam sketched on a piece of paper what he thinks is the best way to find ideas. He compares computers to people (logical vs. alogical) and most of all tells you to stop being a weenie and get just make something. Funny little comics strip. Share on Facebook

Become a Girl Toy

Jack & Jones new ad portray guys as objects to use and abuse by women. Not that your typical boy would mind, but a little love and hugging is nice too. Poor baby. Share on Facebook

The Guy At Home In His Underwear

This campaign launched on October 6, 2010 is a 25-day adventure that will raise awareness and money for testicular cancer. Mark, a cancer survivor himself, will be staying at home in his underwear in front of the camera 24/7 for all of the voyeurs out there. Meaningful and entertaining. Check out the website and Facebook [...]

Kobi Levi – Shoes With Kick

Freelance designer from Israel Kobi Levi has a twisted imagination and having fun with it. He designs shoes that will surely make you stand out in the crowd. Whether it is a blow-up doll, a dog, or banana, nothing seems impossible to transform into footwear. Check out his blog/portfolio for more fun executions. Share on [...]

The Better Way to Fight the Flakes

The new campaign from Fructis anti-dandruff shampoo wants to tell men that there are better ways to get rid of dandruff. Instead of hiring a leaf blower or butler to do the job, just use Fructis. Check out one of the ads below and visit the campaign site for more funny dandruff situations. Share on [...]

Diesel Sneakers – Kick Ass Campaign

Another amusing campaign from Diesel. In order to promote its line of sneakers, the fashion label created an ass kicking central. On top exploring the sneakers catalog, you can view some funny videos (see image above), customize your own kicking pleasure (pick a shoe, a type of kick, and a recipient), a beat box game, [...]

Ian Is Getting Ready

A hilarious campaign from the Australasian Writers and Art Directors Association to encourage agencies to submit they best work. Ian is a character pretending to get “ready” for the award ceremony. Watch his adventures, particularly his latest one: Ian getting his genital and crack waxed. No censorship. Also help him choose a suit and facial [...]

What the Fuck Should I Make for Dinner

Don’t know what dish to make tonight? Tired of your old recipes? Need inspiration? There’s a site for that. Completely random, but you may hit one good dinner suggestion. Try it out. Share on Facebook

Bright Star Studio

As part of a partnership with X Factor (a TV talent show in the UK), TalkTalk launched an online talent show, inviting the audience (wannabe music artists and karaoke lovers) to create videos of themselves singing, dancing or playing in a band using an augmented reality recording boot. Pick your track and start performing. Share [...]

Pizza Maker

As part of a campaign to get more contracts, creative duo Joel Utter and Gustav Hedström built this online pizza maker to lure in potential execs. They will actually deliver the pizza you created if you bring them in for an interview. Try it out. Share on Facebook

Dirty Dishes

Morning Fresh dishwashing detergent from Australia wants to demonstrate its cleaning power with a plate, bowl or mug that go from super dirty to super clean when dipped in hot water. But of course, there is a twist. A sexy one. The dishes display a photo of a studly fireman, cop or cowboy. You actually [...]

Losing a Nipple

Hilarious ad for iPhone protective screens by Case-Mate. Who knew nipple could fall off your body this way! Not sure this made it to TV Share on Facebook


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