“Influencers” is a short documentary about those incredibly talented individuals who have a natural persuasion ability and know how impact society and pop culture, particularly music and fashion. The film is directed by Paul Rojanathara and Davis Johnson and focuses on New York influential creatives (advertising, design, fashion and entertainment). Check the trailer below. Visit [...]

From Quebec

A bunch of creative individuals from Quebec decides to go to NYC for 3 weeks and showcase their best products products, from home furnishings to fashion. FROM QUEBEC was a unique opportunity for these designers, architects, and retailers to demonstrate the level of imagination that comes out of the province. Check out the event website. [...]

Kobi Levi – Shoes With Kick

Freelance designer from Israel Kobi Levi has a twisted imagination and having fun with it. He designs shoes that will surely make you stand out in the crowd. Whether it is a blow-up doll, a dog, or banana, nothing seems impossible to transform into footwear. Check out his blog/portfolio for more fun executions. Share on [...]


Inspiration is everywhere and these are my discoveries. This blog is a collection of initiatives I find throughout the web, from clever marketing campaigns to incredible artistic expressions.

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