Will websites design themselves in the future?

Maybe this is the beginning of the end of web designers. Or perhaps not quite. The idea that a website can evolve as your business or activities change is a great concept. Focus on content, add features, connect with your audience, all while your responsive website automatically adapts itself. Whether or not web designers will [...]

Slumber Party

I was never a fan of beanbag seating apparatus, but Belgian carpet maker Casalis just brought the sad sack to the next level with their new product Slumber. These fluffy poufs look so damn comfy with their coarse and soft knit texture. Perfect for a little reading or a coffee break. Share on Facebook


Organic meets structure. Kawamura-Ganjavian created a modular system to help crawling plants expand to their full potential. Just connect pyramidal elements to each other and help your green pet grow. Plus, you get to be creative with your architectural sculpture and may just even impress your friends with your creative abilities. Share on Facebook

Useful Sequence

I’m not sure how often I would use these or how ergonomic they are, but they certainly look good. The Buro desk accessories by the Wright brothers (Adrian and Jeremy) for Lexon will add an architectural spark of color to your boring desk. And even if you don’t use these tools, from calculator to stapler, [...]

ABCDE Bookshelf

This unit may not offer a whole lot of storage but it is pretty cool looking, especially in a kid’s room. This bold and graphic bookshelf by Kayiwa in Findland can also make a great divider in a downtown loft. Unfortunately not yet  available outside the Scandinavian country. Share on Facebook


Brazilian designer and illustrator Zansky has an impressive portfolio. I love the textures, the lines, and the imagination behind some of the unique characters (see above). He has been freelancing for magazines, newspaper and book editors. He is also part of a art collective called BASE-V which creates murals, installations, silkscreen prints, and some publishing [...]


“Influencers” is a short documentary about those incredibly talented individuals who have a natural persuasion ability and know how impact society and pop culture, particularly music and fashion. The film is directed by Paul Rojanathara and Davis Johnson and focuses on New York influential creatives (advertising, design, fashion and entertainment). Check the trailer below. Visit [...]

Beautiful/Decay – Pillows

I just fell in love with B/D’s new pillow collection. Each created by a unique artist, these ultra-comfy 100% cotton pillows are what you need to bring your couch or bed to life. Get them all! The one above is by Joshua Prince aka Dust La Rock. Share on Facebook

From Quebec

A bunch of creative individuals from Quebec decides to go to NYC for 3 weeks and showcase their best products products, from home furnishings to fashion. FROM QUEBEC was a unique opportunity for these designers, architects, and retailers to demonstrate the level of imagination that comes out of the province. Check out the event website. [...]

Telegramme Studio

Christopher & Robert are two passionate (and obsessed) designers  who got together through their mutual love of music. Their collaboration turned into a successful studio over the years. Explore their incredible posters and illustrations, retro inspired and slightly wicked. Share on Facebook

Robot Chair

Italian designer Luca Nichetto has created the Robo Chair for the Swedish manufacturer OFFECCT Luca found his inspiration in Björk’s 1999 video for the song “All Is Full of Love”, how body parts are put together to form a complete entity. There is a great simplicity in the design, with just enough mechanical or industrial [...]

Jellyfish Lamp

Kurage is a sea creature inspired lamp created by Jo Nagasaka of Schemata Architecture, Japan. The light fixture is built out of simple fiber optics twisted together to form a delicate and organic luminescent composition that can change color based on our mood. Buy it here. Share on Facebook

Exquisite Clock

Another great project from Fabrica. This clock uses photos of numbers found all around us, supporting the notion that time is everywhere. All the images come from people who see digits in just about anything. The clock then use these images to display time. Try the different themes like clothing or vegetable. Or mix it [...]

Carpet Therapy

I was always impress by carpets found in convention centers and hotels. They are just deliciously ugly, for the most. And I guess Vegas would push such design to the extreme. This article in Wired features Dave Schwartz, Director of the Center for Gaming Research, at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.  His theory:  casino [...]


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