Drama Queen

Funny commercial for the Young Director Award 2010.  Kids can be evil too. Share on Facebook

Become a Girl Toy

Jack & Jones new ad portray guys as objects to use and abuse by women. Not that your typical boy would mind, but a little love and hugging is nice too. Poor baby. Share on Facebook


“Influencers” is a short documentary about those incredibly talented individuals who have a natural persuasion ability and know how impact society and pop culture, particularly music and fashion. The film is directed by Paul Rojanathara and Davis Johnson and focuses on New York influential creatives (advertising, design, fashion and entertainment). Check the trailer below. Visit [...]

The Better Way to Fight the Flakes

The new campaign from Fructis anti-dandruff shampoo wants to tell men that there are better ways to get rid of dandruff. Instead of hiring a leaf blower or butler to do the job, just use Fructis. Check out one of the ads below and visit the campaign site for more funny dandruff situations. Share on [...]

Ian Is Getting Ready

A hilarious campaign from the Australasian Writers and Art Directors Association to encourage agencies to submit they best work. Ian is a character pretending to get “ready” for the award ceremony. Watch his adventures, particularly his latest one: Ian getting his genital and crack waxed. No censorship. Also help him choose a suit and facial [...]

Conforama – Ads

The French furniture company likes to use humor in its advertising. The latest TV spots are just as funny as their previous campaigns. Look at the daughter’s face at the end of the one above Share on Facebook

Dirty Dishes

Morning Fresh dishwashing detergent from Australia wants to demonstrate its cleaning power with a plate, bowl or mug that go from super dirty to super clean when dipped in hot water. But of course, there is a twist. A sexy one. The dishes display a photo of a studly fireman, cop or cowboy. You actually [...]

Campari Ad

Only in Europe can you see an ad like this. Not that it is so shocking, but enough to not make it main stream in America. I just like the Eyes Wide Shut influence, a movie I love, particularly the scene from which the music is taken from: the secret sect ceremony. Share on Facebook

Losing a Nipple

Hilarious ad for iPhone protective screens by Case-Mate. Who knew nipple could fall off your body this way! Not sure this made it to TV Share on Facebook


Inspiration is everywhere and these are my discoveries. This blog is a collection of initiatives I find throughout the web, from clever marketing campaigns to incredible artistic expressions.

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