Useful Sequence

I’m not sure how often I would use these or how ergonomic they are, but they certainly look good. The Buro desk accessories by the Wright brothers (Adrian and Jeremy) for Lexon will add an architectural spark of color to your boring desk. And even if you don’t use these tools, from calculator to stapler, [...]

ABCDE Bookshelf

This unit may not offer a whole lot of storage but it is pretty cool looking, especially in a kid’s room. This bold and graphic bookshelf by Kayiwa in Findland can also make a great divider in a downtown loft. Unfortunately not yet  available outside the Scandinavian country. Share on Facebook

Robot Chair

Italian designer Luca Nichetto has created the Robo Chair for the Swedish manufacturer OFFECCT Luca found his inspiration in Björk’s 1999 video for the song “All Is Full of Love”, how body parts are put together to form a complete entity. There is a great simplicity in the design, with just enough mechanical or industrial [...]


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