Exotic forms and luscious colours of the plant world have been a great source of inspiration for artist Rob Kesseler. In this project called Phytopia, he reveals a fascinating hidden world the human eye cannot see. Wether it is art or science, this impressive collection of images is the outcome of a microscopic look at [...]

Canine Grimaces

Everyone knows I LOOOOVE dogs. So I could not resist posting these great images by Carli Davidson. Funny and fascinating at the same time, these pictures capture moments almost invisible to the naked eye, due to speed of course. Carli, an award winning and internationally renowned photographer has an innate ability to showcase animal personality. [...]


Scottish artist Lola Dupre has a unique way of taking photos and creating something completely absurd and Dali-esque out of them. She patiently cuts out multiple prints of the same image and reassemble all the pieces into a new viewing experience. Check out her incredible portfolio. For some of the pieces, she shows the before [...]

Small World

Nikon’s international macro photography contest for 2010 received some beautiful images, from creatures to abstract landscapes, all these seem so far from our reality, yet they are so close to us. Enjoy the viewing and check out the previous years too. Share on Facebook


Ashkan Honarvar‘s latest Faces series won’t leave you indifferent. The style is a bit of a departure from the other ones who were for the most black and white with collage or drawing. Faces 5 is inspired by mutilation, making the wounds somewhat approachable with the use of candies and frosting. Very effective. Share on [...]

Then and Now

Alright, I did not know about this blog called “Young Me / Now Me” by Zefrank (did you?). Anyway, it is a very simple yet amusing concept: choose an old photo of yourself then reenact the scene and take a picture of it. Some of the results are really funny (or cute). Take a look… [...]

Lady Gaga for Vanity Fair

Below is a behind the scene look at photographer Nick Knight’s photo session with the Gaga for the magazine cover. Unique outfits of course and great music by the up-and-coming artist Lukid. More picture of the final images here. Watch: Share on Facebook


Display, an initiative by Kind Compmany, is a curated collection of modern, mid 20th century graphic design books, periodicals, advertisements and ephemera. Their goal is to raise awareness on this prolific design period as a great source of education and inspiration for designers, specialists, or scholars. Share on Facebook

Light Painting with iPad

BERG is a UK-based agency that likes to push the boundaries of technologies, mixing the digital and physical into innovative expressions. Their last experiment, in collaboration with Dentsu, uses the iPad and stop-motion to create 3D imagery, moving the device in space and taking multiple pictures until an image forms itself. Check out the rest [...]

Ben Aqua – Photography

This artist based in Austin has a fascination for people, colors, and kitsch. The majority of his work are portraits of people in their personal sanctuaries, playing with objects and graphics to enhance their personality or make the context somewhat absurd. Check out the Invasion of Privacy series. Share on Facebook


Inspiration is everywhere and these are my discoveries. This blog is a collection of initiatives I find throughout the web, from clever marketing campaigns to incredible artistic expressions.

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