Daniel Maloni, a young and talented motion designer, created one unique animation/video for each letter of the alphabet, using music from various artists. The Swedish raised artist currently in Hong Kong certainly has been influence by Asian culture in some of the executions. Check out his website or channel on Vimeo. Below are a couple [...]

Then and Now

Alright, I did not know about this blog called “Young Me / Now Me” by Zefrank (did you?). Anyway, it is a very simple yet amusing concept: choose an old photo of yourself then reenact the scene and take a picture of it. Some of the results are really funny (or cute). Take a look… [...]

Diesel Sneakers – Kick Ass Campaign

Another amusing campaign from Diesel. In order to promote its line of sneakers, the fashion label created an ass kicking central. On top exploring the sneakers catalog, you can view some funny videos (see image above), customize your own kicking pleasure (pick a shoe, a type of kick, and a recipient), a beat box game, [...]

More Birthdays – Gallery

As part a campaign to raise awareness on cancer and elevate hope for more years of living to those affected, the American Cancer Society launched an online gallery of prints produced buy various artists. Buy them and money is used to fight back cancer. Also explore the music gallery where known musicians help you send [...]


This short animation called “Zeroing” by Andrey Nepomnyaschev combines both 2D graphical elements and 3D effects into a fluid visual exercise inspired from infographic charts and black stars. Watch below: Share on Facebook


Horizons is an interactive and very tactile app for iPhone/iPad that explores colour, sound and form. It combines the generative art of Lukasz Karluk and the sounds of Eli Murray. It is probably not the kind of app that you will play with for hours, but this experiment is a good demonstration of how touch [...]


Driven by its mission to ‘make products smile’, UK studio ustwo is a cross platform digital user interface design studio that develops beautiful, user-friendly interfaces and apps for various clients (including Sony and Intel). Their latest work, Granimator™, is a wallpaper creator app for the iPad that offers users an immersive touch and sound experience. [...]

Tokyo Apartment

Iwan Bann recently took pictures of this new complex in Tokyo created by architectural firm Sou Fujimoto. Although it does seem to be the most practical living space, it is certainly playful (with tree house qualities). These interconnected apartments form a unique and disordered formation that reminds me of Habitat 67 in Montreal. Share on [...]

Lady Gaga for Vanity Fair

Below is a behind the scene look at photographer Nick Knight’s photo session with the Gaga for the magazine cover. Unique outfits of course and great music by the up-and-coming artist Lukid. More picture of the final images here. Watch: Share on Facebook

How Innovation Happens

As part of a campaign to promote Steve Johnson’s new book “Where Good Ideas Come From“, the video below gives you in 4 minutes the principles of innovation. The whiteboard drawing would make a great poster in the office! The book is available as pre-order on Amazon (release date: October 5, 2010) Share on Facebook


This stop-motion piece created by Kirsten Lepore is a cute story between a sandman and a snowman who communicate by sending a bottle in a body of water. The ending is perfect. Share on Facebook

Monet Exhibit – Paris

The Grand Palais in Paris just opened a new exhibit dedicated to the French impressionist master (September 22, 2010 – January 24, 2011). The website promoting the event is simply beautiful. An elegant and interactive module (Voyage section) allows you to immerse yourself into some of the artist’s best work.  Click, drag, blow in the [...]

Ian Is Getting Ready

A hilarious campaign from the Australasian Writers and Art Directors Association to encourage agencies to submit they best work. Ian is a character pretending to get “ready” for the award ceremony. Watch his adventures, particularly his latest one: Ian getting his genital and crack waxed. No censorship. Also help him choose a suit and facial [...]

Conforama – Ads

The French furniture company likes to use humor in its advertising. The latest TV spots are just as funny as their previous campaigns. Look at the daughter’s face at the end of the one above Share on Facebook

The Future of the Book

IDEO, this incredibly innovative design firm, has just published this video presenting their thoughts on the future of books. While many of the principles demonstrated in the clip already exist in some iPad applications, their concepts still inspire. From social book discovery to collective story building, the future looks bright. Share on Facebook


Display, an initiative by Kind Compmany, is a curated collection of modern, mid 20th century graphic design books, periodicals, advertisements and ephemera. Their goal is to raise awareness on this prolific design period as a great source of education and inspiration for designers, specialists, or scholars. Share on Facebook

Once Upon a Time

Beautiful promo video for a beautiful pop-up book by talented (a good looking)  illustrator Benjamin Lacombe of Paris. To be published this November. Also check out his website to discover more of his work. Share on Facebook

Light Painting with iPad

BERG is a UK-based agency that likes to push the boundaries of technologies, mixing the digital and physical into innovative expressions. Their last experiment, in collaboration with Dentsu, uses the iPad and stop-motion to create 3D imagery, moving the device in space and taking multiple pictures until an image forms itself. Check out the rest [...]

Ben Aqua – Photography

This artist based in Austin has a fascination for people, colors, and kitsch. The majority of his work are portraits of people in their personal sanctuaries, playing with objects and graphics to enhance their personality or make the context somewhat absurd. Check out the Invasion of Privacy series. Share on Facebook

Organized Complexity (iPad app)

Luis Carli is fascinated by generative art. From the installation he developed for an event he is now awaiting Apple’s approval for the iPad version of this beautiful, sensorial and organic visual experience. ” Interact with hundreds of units that change their color depending on the behavior of the particles close to them. Interfere and [...]

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