Conventional Thought

Experimental video by Paul Kamuf. He delivers his message through a moving browser window, using footage, animated graphics, and photography. The story of thought sharing through texting. Share on Facebook


If you think eyewear is a fashion statement or a true representation of one’s personality, you will this series of posters specially created by Glenn Manucdoc of Moxy Creative to celebrated the launch of Framegeek and EveryGuyed. Can you identify all of the famous personalities? Share on Facebook

Kate D. MacDowell

Ceramic artist Kate D. MacDowell has created a collection of animal oddities mutated with human parts. The pieces are incredibly well crafted, many emotionally charged. Check out her portfolio. I want one… Share on Facebook


Candas Sisman created this video (image and sound) for the Plato Art Space’s “Ilhan Koman Hulda” Festival in Istanbul. This piece is a beautiful kinetic art inspired 3D animation, a continuous morph of organic and architectural shapes. Share on Facebook

Atlas Air

The new Massive Attack video directed by Edouard Salier is a journey into a world where darkness and violence have taken over society. Follow this supernatural rabbit running though it all until collapse. An interesting stylistic exercise where 3D animation, polygon characters, and footage combine. Share on Facebook


The Flash On The Beach conference trailer or opening credits was created by Nando Costa. It is a beautiful organic sequence, playing with metallic substances and magnetism to evoke concepts of attraction and repulsion, a metaphor for all these designers coming together during this event yet competing against one another in the real world. Share [...]

How to Have an Idea

Frank Chimero Jam sketched on a piece of paper what he thinks is the best way to find ideas. He compares computers to people (logical vs. alogical) and most of all tells you to stop being a weenie and get just make something. Funny little comics strip. Share on Facebook

Become a Girl Toy

Jack & Jones new ad portray guys as objects to use and abuse by women. Not that your typical boy would mind, but a little love and hugging is nice too. Poor baby. Share on Facebook

Unhappy Slap

CyberMentors is an organization that brings young people together so they can help and support one another. As part of the campaign Unhappy Slap to get rid of bullying, CyberMentors created this app where you can become the victim in a video, using face mapping technology. The result is not great, but the intention is. [...]

What Time is it?

As you enter the Seibu Ikebukuro store in Tokyo, this is what you see: a clock. Well, not your ordinary one. Named the “Hikari No Tokei” gate, this time telling column is just a fun and unusual way to brighten the space and add life. Although telling time is ok, I could use this LED [...]


Brazilian designer and illustrator Zansky has an impressive portfolio. I love the textures, the lines, and the imagination behind some of the unique characters (see above). He has been freelancing for magazines, newspaper and book editors. He is also part of a art collective called BASE-V which creates murals, installations, silkscreen prints, and some publishing [...]


“Influencers” is a short documentary about those incredibly talented individuals who have a natural persuasion ability and know how impact society and pop culture, particularly music and fashion. The film is directed by Paul Rojanathara and Davis Johnson and focuses on New York influential creatives (advertising, design, fashion and entertainment). Check the trailer below. Visit [...]

Remote Palette

UK-based digital agency Dare launched a dual iPad/iPhone app called Remote Palette which offers a seamless painting experience between the 2 devices. The iPad is your canvas, the iPhone your paint palette. Although I see how it can be practical for some, this is more of a fun and experimental project. Buy on iTunes and [...]

Friend Poster

You have a lot of great friends on Facebook and would like to commemorate the love you have for them? Well, get their faces printed. Benjamin Lotan, a multi media artist, launched an online service called Printing Facebook. You get to select your preferred friends, a poster format, and get it printed for only $20. [...]

Beautiful/Decay – Pillows

I just fell in love with B/D’s new pillow collection. Each created by a unique artist, these ultra-comfy 100% cotton pillows are what you need to bring your couch or bed to life. Get them all! The one above is by Joshua Prince aka Dust La Rock. Share on Facebook

The Guy At Home In His Underwear

This campaign launched on October 6, 2010 is a 25-day adventure that will raise awareness and money for testicular cancer. Mark, a cancer survivor himself, will be staying at home in his underwear in front of the camera 24/7 for all of the voyeurs out there. Meaningful and entertaining. Check out the website and Facebook [...]


Ashkan Honarvar‘s latest Faces series won’t leave you indifferent. The style is a bit of a departure from the other ones who were for the most black and white with collage or drawing. Faces 5 is inspired by mutilation, making the wounds somewhat approachable with the use of candies and frosting. Very effective. Share on [...]

Towards and Beyond

A few months ago I had brought your attention to Rafaël Rozendaal’s infinite gradient maker “Into Time“. His most recent experiment called “Towards and Beyond” is a maze, also hypnotic and psychedelic. Rafaël’s passion to make websites as art pieces is unique. His digital initiatives are actually sold with the right and domain names. Get [...]

Waiting for the End

Linkin Park’s new music video for the song “Waiting for the End” is simply incredible. Directed by one of the group members, Joe Hahn, it is digitally inspired, merging the human spectre with sound waves into some parallel universe. Great song too. Share on Facebook

Building Mapping

We are seeing more and more incredible projection art these days, whether it is performed on building on during show in venues (a good example is Lepage’s contribution to Cirque du Soleil’ latest show). I just came across so impressive projection by Evan Grant for the IAC. It was projected on their actual headquarter building [...]

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