I Love You So

Cassius’ new video is different, to say the least. Actually, not so unique. The whole mouth app for the iPhone has been done to death, but they brought it to the next level. Watch the video “demo” below. Get the app on iTunes and make your own version. Share on Facebook

Augmented Graffiti

ARstreets is a location based game for iPhone. You can create and post visual tags on a real world canvas. Use your tags to checkin to Foursquare locations and share them on Twitter and Facebook. Get it now on iTunes. Share on Facebook

La Evolución Silenciosa

Jason de Caires Taylor is unique artist known for his underwater art installations that slowly age and get taken over by submarine life. One of his recent projects is 400 life-size figures grouped together in Cancun, Mexico. Check out his website to explore all his projects. Watch the “making-of” video below. Share on Facebook


Scottish artist Lola Dupre has a unique way of taking photos and creating something completely absurd and Dali-esque out of them. She patiently cuts out multiple prints of the same image and reassemble all the pieces into a new viewing experience. Check out her incredible portfolio. For some of the pieces, she shows the before [...]

Sand Art

Joe Mangrum is an artist known for his colorful sand work. This form of street art is not only impressive on a technical aspect but also by the fact that it is so ephemeral. Check out his site fore more of these psychedelic bursts of color and other art forms he plays with. Share on [...]

Drama Queen

Funny commercial for the Young Director Award 2010.  Kids can be evil too. Share on Facebook

De Blob

Architectural Italian firm Massimiliano Fuksas just completed its latest project called De Blob. This particular building is a key entrance to a major commercial project in Eindhoven in the Netherlands. More photos here and here. Share on Facebook

Small World

Nikon’s international macro photography contest for 2010 received some beautiful images, from creatures to abstract landscapes, all these seem so far from our reality, yet they are so close to us. Enjoy the viewing and check out the previous years too. Share on Facebook

FedEx Delivers to a Changing World

FedEx’ new campaign wants to make you see the company as a true international business partner who knows what is going on around the globe. Using data from The Economist, this interactive map showcases some key trends and insights from employment rate to happiness level, and how countries have evolved over the past years. Also [...]

Logos Unevolved

Graham Smith is a freelance logo and identity designer who decided to take famous brands and simplify their logos with just a few circles while keeping them somewhat recognizable. A fun study on the power of identity. Can you guess them all?! Check it out here Share on Facebook


This experimental video by Johannes Timpernagel is an abstract sequence of computer generated graphics with an 80′s influence. The pace is fast and the clip contains a multitude of complex compositions that you can barely appreciate while viewing. I suggest you explore frame by frame! Music by Skyence et Audionerve. Share on Facebook

ABCDE Bookshelf

This unit may not offer a whole lot of storage but it is pretty cool looking, especially in a kid’s room. This bold and graphic bookshelf by Kayiwa in Findland can also make a great divider in a downtown loft. Unfortunately not yet  available outside the Scandinavian country. Share on Facebook


Inspiration is everywhere and these are my discoveries. This blog is a collection of initiatives I find throughout the web, from clever marketing campaigns to incredible artistic expressions.

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